Presentation Descriptions

Reach for the Sky -

Have you ever wanted to go or send something to space? If you answered yes, this session is for you! We will discuss how to send your students projects to near space (110,000ft+) aboard a weather balloon. We will walk through and look at all the parts of a space balloon kit and how they work. Take an in-depth look at what is needed for launch and recovery team at your school. Takeaways include access to student project unit on pre-flight, launch, and the recovery of the video and data for a near space balloon. Space balloons are a great way to drive student and community buyin for your school or makerspace. We will also watch videos of 6 launches around Indiana

Grow your Makerspace - just add Community -

Schools across the country are adding makerspaces, as demonstrated by the term, “maker movement.” Schools are beginning to invest time and resources into these active learning environments, but most are not maximizing the potential of their spaces. The missing piece to this makerspace puzzle is the community.

Every community has makers with their unique set of resources and knowledge. Unfortunately, these valuable community members are unaware of the “movement” that their schools are beginning to undertake. Learn tips on how to tap your community resource, and pave the way for connections that will allow students access to high-quality tools and professional mentors.

Google Cardboard be a box head -

Come and strap a box to your head and learn how to show the world to your students. This presentation will cover what Google Cardboard is, and how to apply it the classroom setting. We will discuss educational resources and then work for hands on with Google Cardboard.

Be A Google Classroom Superhero -

As schools travel down the road of 1:1 learning, it is important for teachers to learn how to effectively harness the power in the technology. Google Classroom is a great FREE workflow management tool for teachers to use to navigate the new digital classroom. We will discuss how to use Google Classroom in the most effective and efficient manner while also sharing updates, 3rd party apps, and other awesome tricks/hacks to make you a 1:1 digital Superhero

Google Voice Give your # keep your privacy -

Do parents or students call you? Do you call parents or students? How would you like to keep your personal number personal? Use Google voice to get your very own number for your educational profession. With your new number, you will no longer have to worry about handing your digits to parents or students alike. Answer your Google voice call on your current smartphone. Can't take calls right now mute the ringer and calls don't enter your voicemail where they are transcribed and sent to you via email! Google voice is a great way of adding more communication with a personal number touch to your classroom without adding a second line or the worry about your personal number getting out.

Make and Take your School's Announcements Google Chrome Extension -

Does your school use GAFE? Do you have a shared Google Doc for school wide announcements? Would you like a customizable Google Chrome extension that would instantly show your students the daily announcements? Well, That's what we will be (coding) making in this Make in take, But don't worry most of the heavy work will be done for you. We will start with an introduction to Chrome Extensions followed by step by step tutorial on building your school's Announcement Chrome Extension. At the end, you should have a working extension for you school to take home and launch. Try the a demo extension @

DIY iPad Repair, Repair your 1:1 in house & save money -

Discussion over the do's and don'ts of DIY in house repairs. We will cover what tools work well and which ones to watch out for. Discuss proper techniques, cleaning and adhesive to achieve a quality repair. We will touch on what makes a good part and how some parts still may need work before installation. Ending in questions and answers with a tech who has repaired over 1000 devices.